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Why Give to WSO?

WSO Depends on the 7th Tradition to Carry the Message

Why give to WSO?

Every ACA group’s primary purpose is to carry the message to adult children still suffering,
everywhere. Some may take for granted that there is a “Big Red Book” available in every
language, but the fact is that countries around the world do not have access to any ACA
literature in their native language. Providing translated literature is one of the most important
services the World Services Organization (WSO) performs on behalf of ACA groups.

What does WSO do with your donations?
● Translates and publishes literature in other languages (We have wonderful volunteers that provide translations--but each new book requires a lot of hours of paid professional setup)
● Pays special workers to keep accounts and manage technology
● Maintains physical and virtual assets like warehouses and websites

ACA is Self Supporting

7th Tradition

Why are WSO Donations Lower than Expected?

What Can You Do?

Many meetings that were in person pre-pandemic and were regularly collecting 7th
tradition contributions are no longer collecting them and donating to WSO.

What Can You Do?

Ask your group to collect 7th tradition contributions at the meeting.
●Online meetings can STOP their meeting for 1-2 minutes to allow members to
contribute to your group’s virtual basket without missing any of the meeting.
● Ask your group to donate at least quarterly down to your group’s prudent reserve
● Consider making a personal monthly recurring donation directly to WSO.
With your help WSO will be able to maintain a release schedule of 3 or more newly translated
literature pieces per year to reach even more adult children who are suffering.

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