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ACA WSO has upgraded the English BRB eBook to ePub 3.0 format and it now includes:
– Revisions to content as approved by the ABC
– Page numbers that match the printed book
– A clickable word index
– A page list that is clickable

If you are upgrading from an older version of the BRB eBook please be sure to save your highlights, bookmarks and other customized items in your current eBook as the new upgrade may overwrite them with default values.

Existing owners of the BRB English eBook should check under Settings > Manage Content and Devices > to request the updated version be made available. If there any issues, please reach out to Amazon Customer Service as there is nothing ACA WSO can do about this upgrade with Amazon.

On some eReaders there is a feature that will read the text in a robotic voice. We do not guarantee all eReaders to be able to do this. If audio is required please purchase the BRB Audiobook on Audible.
In addition, WSO will also be launching the English LLWB in eBook format very soon.

Following those two books will be the Italian BRB and YWB, and the Finnish YWB eBooks with the same upgraded page numbers that match the printed books.
Please click here to go to the webstore to purchase these products:

To download the above poster click here.

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