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Dear Adult Children,

Our April 2019 ComLine is ready for download! In this issue:

  • ACA Speakers Invited to Annual AA Event
  • How I Discovered Self Love
  • What I Do to Work My Program
  • The Strength of the ACA Concepts
  • Program AWC 2019, Malmö, Sweden

We also offer the 2019 First Quarter edition in Russian, courtesy of the Russian-speaking Service Committee. Read the January 2019 issue in Russian!

The ACA ComLine newsletter is where adult children from around the world share their stories of experience, strength, and hope.

The  ComLine is published quarterly with an emphasis on the Steps and Traditions. The next ComLine will be published April 1. Please send your articles, stories, drawings, poems, photos to litstaff@adultchildren.org. Be sure to include a signed Copyright Release Form.
January Edition: Steps 1, 2, 3 and Traditions 1, 2, 3. Target due date for submissions is November 30.
April Edition: Steps 4, 5, 6 and Traditions 4, 5, 6. Target due date for submissions is February 28.
July Edition: Steps 7, 8, 9 and Traditions 7, 8, 9. Target due date for submissions is May 31.
October Edition: Steps 10, 11, 12 and Traditions 10, 11, 12. Target due date for submissions is August 31.

We also extend a special invitation to all adult children: share your recovery experience in the language of your childhood. Selected shares will be published as written–not translated into English. All shares will be considered. The deadline for all ComLine submissions is 30 days prior to the month the edition is to be published.


ComLine Editor, Trusted Servant of the Literature Committee

From a space of love, I give service in ACA so that every Adult Child seeking recovery may find a safe place.

Below are issues of the ComLine which you can download for free.

2019 ComLines
    • “Finding Emotional Sobriety” New Trifold Helps AA Members
    • The Promises Really Do Come True
    • Daring to be the Real Me
    • Deliverance at My House

ComLine Special Edition: Addressing Predatory Behavior.

This issue offers members’ shares on the topic of predatory behavior, as well as tools and suggestions for dealing with it, both as an individual and from within the group conscience process of your ACA meeting.

We see this collection of shares as a starting point for further discussion. Take what you like and leave the rest! Our hope is that you will find something in this issue of the ComLine that you can take back to your home group meeting, to help keep your meeting safe and recovery-oriented for everyone, particularly newcomers!

2018 ComLines

January 2018 

  • Read about workshops, and our activities in Poland, Russia, and Spain.
  • Make plans for attending the 2018 ACA World Convention in Toronto!
  • Find out how others have found empowerment, clarity, and peace, and more!

Special Russian Edition! 

Thanks to the efforts of translators in our Russian Fellowship, we now have a ComLine in Russian.

April 2018 

  • Preparing for the 2018 ACA World Convention in Toronto, including important Delegates information
  • Becoming Your Own Loving Parent
  • Finding a Life Beyond Hurting
  • Inner Child Rules the World

July 2018 ComLine

  • Insights on translations and the language of our inner children
  • Members’ experiences in Toronto at the 2018 ABC
  • Poetry and a theater piece

October 2018

  • Introduction to Addressing Predatory Behavior
  • Live to Heal, Then Heal to Live
  • Hopping Off the Shame Train
  • The Recovery Pool of Life

2017 ComLines

January 2017 

Controlling and Being Controlled
Whose Hands?
Third Annual ACA European Meeting in Moscow!
Tenth Anniversary Commemorative BRB

ABC 2017 Special Delegate Report

Roberts Rules of Order and ACA
Service Structure – Serving International Scope
Delegate’s Corner
Floor Motions
Ballot Issue Results

ABC 2017 

ABC & AWC Set Record Attendance
Business Conference Agenda Items
2016 ABC Ballot Proposals
2017 Conference and Convention
2018 ABC/AWC planning

April 2017 ComLine

2017 ABC and 2nd Annual ACA World Convention (AWC) activities
Applying Tradition Four in My Home Group
Digging Deeper Into My Fourth Step
“… and to another human being …”
Breaking the Chain with steps four, five, and six

July 2017 ComLine

“Secret Service” From a Space of Love
World-Class Loving Inner Parent
If You Know How to Live, You Know How to Die
The CARE Corner
European Committee Update

October 2017 ComLine

Joyful meditation
Releasing dysfunctional behaviors
Finding healing after loss
Living beyond mere survival
and more!

2016 ComLines

January 2016 ComLine

The Birth of the BRB
Mingus Mountain Retreat for People in Recovery
Updates on the 2016 ABC and the Inaugural ACA World Convention
The Laundry Lists Workbook

ABC 2016 ComLine

Inaugural ACA World Convention (AWC)
Business Conference Agenda Items
2016 ABC Ballot Items
2017 Conference and Convention
2018 ABC/AWC planning
and more!

April 2016 ComLine

Working The Fourth Step
Getting in touch with our feelings
See Steps Four, Five, and Six around the world
The WSO board and support staff

July 2016 ComLine

Audio ACA Speaker Downloads
Different types of sponsorship
Shares, Affirmations, and The Gifts of Forgiveness
Generational – NOT Intentional!
Why write for the ComLine?
Meeting in Moscow
and more!

October 2016 ComLine

Inaugural ACA World Convention (AWC)
Business Conference Agenda Items
2016 ABC Ballot Items
2017 Conference and Convention
2018 ABC/AWC planning
and more!

2015 ComLines

October 2015 

The Birth of ACA
Beginning a Speakers Bureau
The Languages of our Childhood
Seventh Tradition Contributions
Best Practices

July 2015

The Inside Scoop on Intergroups
Find a Meeting in Your Part of the World
I Had a PhD in ACA
Rapping with My Inner Child

Special Edition 2015 ABC ComLine

Highlights of the 2015 Annual Business Conference
Links to the ABC Agenda Items
Ballot Items for the 2015 ABC Agenda
Preview of the 2016 ABC and inaugural ACA World Convention (AWC)

April 2015 Comline

The ComLine is Back!
We Have A New Web Site!
How We Got the Big Red Book
ABC In Austin
and more…

2012 ComLines

April 2012 ComLine

Retreating to a Place of Recovery
The Outreach Committee Responds…
“Living and Learning” — P.R.
and more…

2011 ComLines

June/July Combined ComLine

An Important Message to the Fellowship
The Outreach Committee Responds…
“Taking My Program to Life
“Finding Home”
and more…

May ComLine

Lessons From The Road, a share from the editor
The Outreach Committee Responds…
A “Hospitals and Institutions” Invitation
Guidance of the Higher Power, a share from Toyoko
and more…

Annual Business Conference Report

Attending to the Business of our Fellowship
Annual Report to the Delegates and Visitors
Minutes of the 2011 ABC
and more…

March ComLine – Gratitude

Gratitude, a Universal Language
Making ACA History: ACA WSO Translations
Spanish Workbook Revision Committee Report
and more…

February ComLine – Identification, Before and After

Identification, Before and After
Out of the Playpen
My Parents were not Monsters, just Alcoholics
and more…

January ComLine – ACA Meditation Book Development

Welcoming a New Year of ACA Recovery
The Outreach Committee Responds…
Sample Meditations from the Fellowship.
and more…

January through December 2010 ComLines

December ComLine – Tradition Twelve

Tradition Twelve – Anonymity is the spiritual foundation …
Courage to Trust – Eileen W.
Hope Precedes Action – Leo D.
and more…

November ComLine – Tradition Eleven

Tradition Eleven – Our public relations policy …
Gratitude for a Higher Will – Eileen W.
Gratitude for the ACA Promises – Leo D.
and more…

October ComLine – Tradition Ten

ACA and Outside Issues – excerpt from the ACA Fellowship Text
Finding Hope and Healing in ACA – Angela J.
Tradition Ten: Avoiding Controversy and Emotional Intoxication – Omer G.
and more…

September ComLine – Tradition Nine

Tradition Nine of ACA – Omer G.
Service Across the Sea – Memories of Denmark – George S.
How to Start an ACA Intergroup or Regional Service Committee
and more…

August ComLine – Tradition Eight

Special Workers of the ACA Fellowship – DiAnne A.
Seeing Growth Through Service – Gloria D.
Tradition Eight in My Life – Leo D.
and more…

July ComLine – Tradition Seven

Financial Wisdom from the ACA Fellowship Text
Knowing Where My Dollar Goes – Rachele V.
Discovering Financial Sobriety – Leo D.
and more…

June ComLine – Tradition Six

Realizing Boundaries Through Tradition Six – Leo D.
News from the Fellowship
Hospitals and Institutions Meetings– an Introduction
and more…

Special Edition – Annual Business Conference

Annual Report to the Fellowship
Agenda Highlights
Summary Minutes
and more…

May ComLine – Tradition Five

Contacting your ACA WSO
Carrying and Delivering the ACA Message – Leo D.
Every Group Carries a Message – Omer G.
and more…

April ComLine – Tradition Four

“A Key Word in Tradition Four” – Omer G.
“Annual Business Conference Update
“Registering your ACA Meeting with WSO
and more…

March ComLine – Tradition Three

“The Effects of Family Alcoholism” – Natalia K.
“A Desire to Recover” – Anita R.
“Giving My Self a Chance” – Leo D.
and more…

February ComLine – Tradition Two

Communicating with ACA WSO
“Finding a Loving God”- Gayle W.
An Invitation to Serve- Josie E.
and more…

January ComLine – Tradition One

Communicating with ACA WSO
“Redefining Unity” – Shelley M.
More Tradition One Insight
and more…

These issues are provided here in PDF format. If unable to open your downloaded copy, click here to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The WSO encourages ACA members to submit articles to the WSO for possible publication in a future ComLine. If you have an interesting story of recovery, you can submit your story to litstaff@adultchildren.org. Be sure to include a signed release form: ComLine_Copyright_Release_.pdf.