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Family Types

Families where Adult Children are raised don't all look alike. But the common theme is an experience of shame and abandonment.

In addition to homes where alcoholism or other addiction is present, other families may experience:

  • Mentally ill parent/parents.
  • Hypochondriac parent/parents. 
  • Militaristic discipline, ritualistic beliefs - religious or otherwise, harsh punishment, and extreme secretiveness or sadistic overtones.
  • Sexual abuse, overtly such as incest, or covertly such as an oversexualized environment that includes inappropriate touch or dress by the parent/parents.
  • Perfectionism that creates overly high expectations with praise typically tied to an accomplishment rather than given freely.

Other examples include, foster homes or families that experienced divorce. Children raised in these environments often strongly identify with the ACA traits and feelings of shame, confusion, and abandonment.  There are many other family types or combinations of types that can produce ACAs, therefore, your specific family type may not be listed here.

All Adult Children and their voices can seek safety in ACA.
We welcome you!

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