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Meeting Changes/Updates


The WSO asks registered ACA meetings to verify/update their meeting records at least once a year by submitting an updated meeting registration form.

PLEASE NOTE: New additions and or changes to existing meeting information can take a few days to appear on the website.

Click here to view these instructions as a PDF

Instructions to change your meeting’s information.
To renew or change/update your meeting’s registration information:

Please find your meeting in the meeting directory by clicking here.  There is an “Update This Meeting” icon on your meeting’s listing. Click on it.

Image of Example Meeting listing

This will take you to a page to confirm that you are the registered WSO contact.  Check “I’m not a robot” and follow the prompts until the check in that box turns green.  Click the “Submit” button.  (If the WSO contact email is not accessible, send an email to meetings@acawso.com to request a change to the group’s registered WSO contact.  Please include the meeting’s WSO Number when requesting a change.)

Image of send meeting update link

This screen will be what you see next, letting you know that an email has been sent.

Image of thank you for requesting to update meeting

Wait a few minutes for the email to be sent.  (You may need to check your email spam folder.)  Click on the link in the email.

Image of update meeting link in email

Use the form to enter any information that has changed.

Image of update meeting form

At the bottom of the form, there is a “Meeting Update Message” text box that you can use to give WSO instructions about making the update – or if you need to DELETE the meeting, tell us that in the text box.

Image of update message text box

Click submit to send us the changes and you will see this screen.

Image of updates have been received message

You will receive a confirmation email once the changes have been applied to the site.

Image of meeting updates have been approved email

Meeting Help

  • Do you have a question or need help to change a meeting? Let us know.
  • The WSO Meeting number is the number that WSO assigns to a meeting. It is usually a country or state code followed by a number such as FL0253. This is displayed when searching for a meeting, https://adultchildren.org/meeting-search/