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Therapy and Counselors

Informed counseling understands the long-term effects of a dysfunctional family. Effective therapists know that most adult children appear resilient or complex but operate from a basic feeling of being defective. Through experience, the counselor knows that adult children develop basic survival skills in childhood that do not work well for adult life.

ACA is not allied with any form, discipline, or technique of therapy. However, we make the distinction between ACA informed counseling and general counseling that is without an ACA focus.

Some newcomers arrive at ACA through a therapist. Some adult children attend meetings before seeking counseling. Many counselors have taken the time to
understand our program, and it shows in their work with clients. A few therapists have
benefited from ACA recovery themselves on a personal level.

ACA is unique in the fact that our fellowship encourages informed counseling along with the Twelve Step work, meeting attendance, and sponsorship.

Fellowship Text pages 450-464 provides additional information on utilizing Therapy and
Counselors together with working an ACA program.

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