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Meeting Register


In order for the ACA WSO to be of maximum service the following information must be current, accurate and complete. All information on this form will be used for ACA service purposes only.

The WSO asks registered ACA meetings to verify/update their meeting records at least once a year by submitting an updated meeting registration form. For meeting updates, please include as minimum the meeting’s ACA WSO meeting number and Private Point of Contact including the email address. The remaining fields can be left blank once verified unchanged.

PLEASE NOTE: New additions and or changes to existing meeting information can take two weeks to appear on the website.

Newcomers Note: Please do not use this form to register to attend an ACA meeting. No registration is required to attend a meeting. This form is intended for the registration of ACA meetings only, and not for persons interested in attending a meeting.

Instructions to change your meeting’s information.
The information for a meeting can only be changed by the WSO contact assigned to that meeting. If that contact person is not known then please send an email to meetings-updates@adultchilden.org and we will work with you to make the update. To remove a meeting also send an email to  meetings-updates@adultchilden.org from the groups contacts email if possible.

  1. To update a meeting – have the official WSO contact search for the meeting on the site. Click on the Update link which takes you to a page that describes the meeting update process. Click on the Send Email button
  2. Wait for the email – it should be delivered in 5 minutes
  3. Click the link in the email to be taken to the meeting update form
  4. Update the information that has changed
  5. Click the submit button
  6. Wait up to 5 business days to get the email that confirms the changes have been made
  7. double check the information on the website.

Meeting Form

  • (existing meetings only)
  • (if known)
  • (if known)
  • (optional)
  • Don't know your WSO meeting number? Then click here to go to the ACA meeting list. When you find your meeting, you'll find the WSO meeting number in parenthesis near the end of your meeting's description. Note: The starred fields in PRIMARY CONTACT INFORMATION still need to be completed.

  • :
  • (Cross streets, Buildings, Church, etc.)
  • (check all that apply)
  • (check all that apply)
  • (check all that apply)
  • INTERGROUP AFFILIATION (leave blank if not part of any Intergroup). Intergroup Listing
  • PUBLIC CONTACT INFORMATION Please supply us with the following information to be used to assist people in finding your meeting, or to answer questions they may have about attending your meeting. Note: The WSO will provide the information in this section to anyone searching for a meeting in your area. Do not put any information in this section that you want kept private. If you want to preserve total anonymity, you may leave this section blank.
  • (first name or nickname is suggested)
  • Notice: Please be aware that from time to time someone may use this Public Point of Contact’s information inappropriately for purposes unrelated to ACA. While ACA WSO strongly discourages this behavior, we believe that providing Public Point of Contact information has more value to the member looking for a meeting than removing this life line because of a few individuals’ unwillingness to honor the good intentions of our meeting directory. If you receive any unsolicited or inappropriate e-mails, we encourage you to notify the sender to remove you from their e-mail list and block their e-mail address if they persist in dishonoring your wishes.
  • PRIMARY CONTACT INFORMATION Please provide your full name and address in this section to allow us to contact you personally if needed. The information in this section will be for use only within the ACA service structure. It will be kept confidential/private and will not be available thru the public web site. Starred fields must be filled in. See note at top of form if you are unwilling to complete this section. Each meeting must have at least one contact person on record with his/her own mailing address.
  • SECONDARY CONTACT INFORMATION (optional) In case we cannot reach the Primary Contact Person, we also ask for a Secondary Contact Person to be identified where possible. The information in this section will be for use only within the ACA service structure, will be kept confidential and will not be available thru the public web site.
  • In submitting this form, I certify the following to be true: our ACA meeting agrees to follow the ACA 12 Steps and 12 Traditions to the best of our ability, our ACA meeting is not affiliated with any outside organization or established religion, I am authorized to act on behalf of this ACA meeting in submitting this form, and all the information provided here is correct to the best of my knowledge.