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In order for the ACA WSO to be of maximum service, your group information must be current, accurate and complete. All information in the form will appear on the website EXCEPT the Primary Private and Secondary Private Contact information. That information is used as a means to contact groups and for WSO reference to maintain the integrity of the meeting list.
Once your group's listing appears on the website it is considered a registered ACA meeting.  Please verify/update your group's listing at least once a year.


-- Meeting registrations and updates are generally processed within a week. However, if clarifications are needed, it can take longer.


-- If you choose one of the Hybrid meeting options, either "Hybrid - In Person and Online" or "Hybrid - In Person and Telephone", your group will appear in both the in-person and online or telephone meeting lists. Additionally both types of Hybrid meetings will appear on the "Online/Phone (Virtual) Meetings" list.

Newcomers Note: This form is not used to register to attend an ACA meeting. No general registration is required to attend meetings. This form is intended for the registration of ACA meetings only.

Download the PDF here.

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