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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

May 08

Inner Child/True Self

"During these years of family dysfunction, our Inner Child or True Self went into hiding and remained heavily fortified under addictions or dependent behavior." BRB p. 106

Before ACA, we might have heard about and even had glimpses of our Inner Child, or True Self - the part of us that hungers for the unconditional love and support we didn't receive in our families. This is the part of us that is most often buried pretty deep behind defense mechanisms and addictive behaviors that we thought were somehow protecting us from further harm.

But in recovery we learn the reasons why our True Self went into hiding. It finally starts to makes sense why that part of us can be elusive and hard to access on a regular basis.

As we identify and release our childhood trauma, we come out from behind our addictions and self-destructive behaviors to make it safe for our Inner Child. We reparent ourselves and give ourselves what we didn't receive. We begin to blossom inside and make ourselves whole with the help of our Higher Power, our fellow travelers and the tools of ACA.

On this day I will welcome and nurture my True Self. With the support of my Higher Power and ACA, I am able to provide for myself the unconditional love I've always deserved.

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