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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

May 29

Awakening Spirit

"In ACA we carry the awakening of the spirit down to the deepest level where the Inner Child is paralyzed by fear." BRB p. 360

When we attended our first ACA meeting, the Twelve Step language may have intimidated us. What the heck were these people talking about? Was this part of some cult? Was it safe to keep coming here? Could these people really be happy, even with all their problems?

As we kept coming back, we learned to explore recovery slowly and start to become an inner loving parent to those wounded parts of ourselves that hurt for longer than long. We found the pain and the shame that was deep within us. But we also found that beneath those things lay a wellspring of life, the energy to carry us through anything and everything. We discovered a path inside ourselves, a path that could lead us home should we have the courage to follow it. We no longer had to do it alone.

On this day I have faith that by consoling my Inner Child, I also get closer to my Higher Power.

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