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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

May 18


"Meanwhile, those who are spiritually awake accept Twelve Step work with an attitude of service rather than sacrifice. By the time we reach this Step, we know the difference between being a rescuer and giving service with love." BRB p. 289

Placing the Solution and Problem on the walls does not a meeting make. Reading the opening script and closing down the meeting doesn't make a meeting either. What makes the meeting is the spirit with which these tasks are done. Giving service from a space of love in ACA is a spiritually-enhancing experience for all involved. By the time we have been in ACA for awhile, after having taken the Steps and being graced with a spiritual awakening, our ability to do service from love has also been established.

We know the difference between control and service. We know of tolerance and boundaries. We know how to be thoughtful, realizing we are only seeking to follow the group's conscience in furtherance of our primary purpose - to carry the message to the suffering adult child who is seeking recovery.

Adult children are attracted to spiritually-awakened ACAs and groups, and wish to help keep the doors open. We realize that were it not for the meeting, we might have little hope of recovering, and we trust each other since our service comes with no strings attached.

On this day I will give service to the ACA fellowship from love, realizing that I am supporting my own progress when I help make another member's progress possible.

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