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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

November 21

Grief is a Lifetime Journey

"We introduce grief work in Step Five, realizing that such work is a lifetime journey." BRB p. 200

Perhaps we thought that we could get through the ACA program without having to spend much time grieving the dysfunction we were required to endure, as well as the loss of what might have been. Perhaps we thought the Steps were a once-and-done process.

But gradually that notion faded. When we were ready for our Fifth Step, we were given perhaps our first opportunity to consciously grieve the losses we hadn't been able to share with others before now. But we got through it with the help of a trusted Sponsor, fellow traveler, or therapist.

As we continue to work the Steps, we begin to integrate the concept that recovery is a lifelong journey. We learn that each time we do a Fourth and Fifth Step we uncover more denial, sharing what we find as a continuing part of the process of becoming whole.

This journey is a quest to peel through the layers of the onion that go deep. As we work through our issues, we gain a stronger sense of integration, conscious contact, and spiritual awakening.

On this day I remain willing to remove more layers of denial as I grieve my losses. I am on a lifelong journey of discovery and recovery that I take one day at a time.

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