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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

November 22

Trait Thirteen

"Alcoholism is a family disease, and we became para-alcoholics (codependent)* and took on the characteristics of that disease even though we did not pick up the drink." BRB p. 588

We felt like we were stark raving mad. We couldn't see what was happening to ourselves because we were so focused on controlling others and feeling their feelings for them. Or maybe we tried to shut others down because we didn't want to see or hear anything about feelings that would make us uncomfortable. It was a never-ending cycle of abandonment of ourselves and our Inner Child. But we were used to it; we didn't know any better.

Then one day we found ACA. Slowly, we learned to let ourselves be present in the moment. It wasn't easy. We watched as our sponsors and others with more emotional sobriety modeled what change looked like. We soaked it up. It was the best education we ever had - better than anything we learned or could have learned in school. We found something that could truly transform the world.

As we let go of our grandiosity, we saw that we could change ourselves if we were willing. We finally began to understand and believe that we were powerless over others and the choices they made. It was a great relief.

On this day I will keep my side of the street clean and let others take care of themselves. I will shun attempts to pull me back into that never-ending cycle of dysfunction I came from.

*Added by BRB Handbook Committee. Not part of original list.

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