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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

November 04

Freedom from Fear

"I believe it is through the Twelve Step program of ACA that we no longer live life from a basis of fear. We live with self-care and love." BRB p. xxiv

We just sat and waited, or we tried to keep ourselves busy while we waited, even though it was difficult to concentrate. We waited in fear for the fireworks to start. We thought about what we could do to keep it from happening. But even if we had known then what we know now, we were children and we couldn't have stopped it. It was like a runaway train.

As adults, we found relationships where we could continue to do what we did best: wait. We waited in fear for the addict, for the abuse, for anything to go wrong. But as our emotional illness progressed, along with it often came physical illness. Gratefully, we eventually realized that this was no way to live.

In ACA, we can look back at the trauma we endured and know that our True Self was buried underneath the rubble, and we can resurrect it. We can now learn to sit peacefully, no longer worrying about what others are doing. We practice self-care and feel gratitude for the new insights that we continue to have.

On this day I will nurture my True Self by no longer living in fear and by not worrying about things that are none of my business.

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