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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

February 05

Recovery Message

"Hearing the message of recovery and hope from someone else fans the dim spark of aliveness we keep buried inside." BRB p. 359

When we got to recovery we may have been a mess. We may not have even known it then, but many of us were broken and on our last leg. We may have even tried to kill ourselves with drugs and alcohol at some point, or had unprotected sex with someone we didn't know. We may have buried all our light because we felt we did not deserve to experience it.

We work today to dust off the source of light inside us that is a gift from our Higher Power. We pray and meditate, finding the lifesaving value of doing so. We learn the message of the Twelve Steps and the value of this amazing fellowship that is available to us, just for the asking. We are grateful for the tools of recovery. If we need to get abstinent in some way, we do that with the help of the Steps and a sponsor. We are no longer alone.

On this day I will reach out to whomever I need to help me remember and work through the trauma of my past. If there is something that is blocking me, I will do my part and then ask my Higher Power to remove it from my path.

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