310-534-1815 information@acawso.com
  • Location : Walk inside the fence into the courtyard. Go through the iron door on the left of the main church entrance, down the stairs. The meeting is held in the refectory.
  • Address: 15 Gazetniy lane. The church of the Assumption of the Blesse
  • Zipcode: 125009
  • State: Moscow
  • Country: Russia
  • Language: Russian
  • Meeting Type: meeting
  • Type: ACAs only (Closed), Open to all on the 1st and 5th Tuesday of the month
  • Focus: Discussion, Book Study, Speaker, Steps, Traditions
  • Notes:
  • Other Info:
  • Intergroup: Moscow Intergroup ACA
  • Region: None

Meeting Times

  • Meeting's Time Zone: Europe/Moscow
  • Day: Tuesday
  • Time: 07:00 pm