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Announcement regarding third day of the ABC

Day 3 of the 2022 ABC will be held on Saturday, July 23rd from 9 ET to 5 ET.  This was the preferred date of the majority of Delegates who voted. The agenda is in the process of being created...

Comline Blog- Are You Interested In Volunteering?

Have you ever wanted to write an awesome book but could never find time to sit down with a cuppa and get going?Perhaps you wanted to write some poetry but somehow always ended up doing pottery...

Is this your meeting? IT Committee needs your help

The committee has been working very hard on cleaning meeting's database and we need your help! Below you'll see PDF's that contain a list of meetings that have either no public contact info, or have...

The Nominating Committee seeks three new members

The Nominating Committee is currently looking for three new members to join them. To find out more, please visit the committee's page at: https://acawso.org/category/nominating-committee/
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