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Attraction Versus Promotion

Tradition Eleven in part says ......Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion......

Attraction Versus Promotion 

(This is a portion of Chapter 19, Tradition Eleven)

Ours is a program of attraction, not promotion. There is a difference between making information available and promoting the program. Attraction means we put information out where individuals seeking it have possible access to it. This may include flyers, brochures, booklets, audio or video presentations, speakers, panels of speakers, web pages, and information booths. The tone of these activities must remain close to supplying information instead of being promotional.

We are not limited to supplying ACA information at Twelve Step events. Meeting directories and literature may be dropped off or sent to schools, medical facilities, therapists’ offices, libraries, and any other institution or hospital willing to accept it. We ask for permission before placing meetings flyers or leaving ACA material at these places. 

Promotion is different than giving out information about an ACA meeting or event. Promotion involves making promises of results. It has the tone of a sales pitch or a guarantee that cannot be delivered. While miracles and astounding recovery occur in ACA, we don’t make promises or grand speeches about ACA in public or at ACA meetings. We can only say how ACA has improved our own lives. We can only extend an invitation to attend a meeting.

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