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Adult Children, Throughout the World, Sharing Experience, Strength and Hope

Submissions to The ComLine

The ComLine is published quarterly with an emphasis on the Steps and Traditions below. Other topics and experience, strength, and hope also are welcome.

  • January Edition: Steps, Traditions, Promises, and Concepts 1, 2, 3. Target due date for submissions is November 30.
  • April Edition: Steps, Traditions, Promises, and Concepts 4, 5, 6. Target due date for submissions is February 28.
  • July Edition: Steps, Traditions, Promises, and Concepts 7, 8, 9. Target due date for submissions is May 31.
  • October Edition: Steps, Traditions, Promises, and Concepts 10, 11, 12. Target due date for submissions is August 31.

We also extend a special invitation to all adult children: share your recovery experience in the language of your childhood. Selected shares will be published as written–not translated into English. All shares will be considered for possible publication.

The deadline for all ComLine submissions is 30 days prior to the month the edition is to be published.

Please submit your articles, stories, drawings, poems, and photos by using this form.  Submissions should be between 250–500 words.

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