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Adult Children, Throughout the World, Sharing Experience, Strength and Hope

as amended 6/16/22

● We welcome submissions related to your experience, strength, and hope in ACA recovery. Generally, if your share would be appropriate in an ACA meeting, it will be appropriate for the ComLine Blog. Textual content should be around 500 words in length.
● We also welcome submissions of art, creative writing, poetry, and music related to your recovery.
● You may use the channel topics as a guideline, but submissions will generally always fit in the “Voices of Recovery” category.
● Submissions require an email address, but you may identify yourself with your first name and last initial, or as Anonymous.
● Submissions with text or audio content may be in English or in the author’s native language.
● Please do not submit any content that promotes personal services or products.
● Please do not include anything that you do not have the right to submit or include links to copyright-infringing material.
● Avoid sharing that sounds like advice-giving or directing others. Sharing from the “I” perspective (rather than “you” “we” or “us”) helps create a healthy environment for readers/viewers and allows each person to stay within their own recovery.
● Content based on opinion should be clearly identified as personal opinion.
● Content that includes assumptions, conjecture, deductions, conclusions, hearsay, or that is otherwise unverified is not publishable.
● Content that includes accusations, or questioning of motives, or attempts to place blame is inconsistent with the spirit of the ACA principles of gentleness, humor, love, and respect and is not publishable.
● Articles and other submissions that follow our traditions and are inclusive of all types of adult children lead to a better experience.
● Editors may provide feedback to the author about any content which they believe would benefit from editing and may make suggestions for changes. No editing will be done without the informed consent of the author.

Criteria used to evaluate literature by the ACA Literature Committee:

● Is it consistent with ACA being a spiritual and not religious program?
● Is it inclusive of people from homes were alcohol and drugs were not
● Is it simple enough to be translated into other languages easily without
losing the original meaning of the words?
● Does the tone of the writing embody the principles of gentleness love,
and respect?
● Is it clear and concise (limited word count avoids redundancy)?
● Is it at a reading level that is basic to intermediate?






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