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Ballot Information

Groups Vote on Whether Ballot Items Appear on the ABC Agenda (Feb. 15- April 10, 2023)

Delegates at the Conference Discuss the Ballot Items that Make it on the ABC Agenda (May 6 & 7, 2023)

Links for Current WSO Ballot Items

PDF of the Items:  English - Swedish - Spanish - Russian

Voting Links : English - Swedish - Spanish - Russian

The Conference is the Voice of the Fellowship

Be Your Own Loving Parent

How to Submit a Ballot Item

Any Registered Group May Submit a Ballot Item
  • Ballot items must come via group concience not from an individual ACA member (group must be registerd with WSO)
  • Ballot ideas should affect ACA as a whole - not just a group or intergroup
  • Authors of ALL ballot ideas should consult with a relevant WSO committee to see if the idea could be implemented without going through the ballot process
  • An email with a link is sent annually to all registered group contacts requesting ballot items

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