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Daily Affirmations - Strengthening My Recovery

March 01

The Steps

 "The Steps sometimes work even if a person picks at them like a finicky child forking a lump of unwanted spinach. Such half measures often create the personal discomfort that motivates the adult child into greater action and personal growth." BRB p. 93

Many adult children join ACA and keep coming back for years. But it seems like there is little change in their lives because they talk about the same things each time they share. They may even complain about certain aspects of the program, seemingly as a reason for things not changing. Those of us who are unable to rid ourselves of our judgmental nature think these people are just not working the program "correctly." We wonder why they even bother coming.

But we've seen it happen time and again: people who hang around long enough start making a shift in how they think and respond. It's as if they suddenly realize that they've been stuck and now it's time to do something about it. Maybe they finally get uncomfortable enough with the way things are, and because they've actually been listening all these years, the switch is turned on. In cases like this, it can be wondrous to see the power of the program at work.

On this day I will not judge how another person works or doesn't work their program. It is not my job. I will focus on myself and my own recovery.

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