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Daily Affirmations - Strengthening My Recovery

June 06

Beyond Survival

"By moving beyond survival, we realize that lost dreams or wishes can reemerge." BRB p. 429

We ask our Higher Power to help us realize our true potential by discovering our True Selves - the ones we were meant to be. We live in the moment, finding both the strength to be gentle with ourselves and the insight to recognize when we are being critical of ourselves or others.

ACA's Solution tells us we can restage our childhood by being our own loving parent. What a healthy sounding way to change the effects of growing up in an alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional home. These beautiful words fill us with hope that there is indeed a way to reparent ourselves out of the shame, fear and emotional pain ingrained in our being.

As we put these words into action, we learn to be gentle with ourselves, alleviating much of our self-imposed stress. We touch base with and nurture our Inner Child, finding that this is time well spent. We come to understand that we cannot truly love others until we can love ourselves. This becomes a recovery goal that we practice daily. We give ourselves gentle positive affirmations. We know the seed of love was planted in our souls by our Higher Power, and our True Selves will allow that love to grow and flourish.

On this day I will connect with my Inner Child to recapture a positive memory or dream, and live it as an adult. However small this dream or memory seems, I recognize its impact on making me a new person.

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