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Daily Affirmations - Strengthening My Recovery

November 29

Tradition Eleven

"Ours is a program of attraction, not promotion." BRB p. 613

How exciting it is when we get the first dose of recovery. Issues that have plagued us for most of our lives can now be brought to an ACA meeting or discussed with a fellow traveler who knows how we feel and doesn't judge us.

Recovery is so powerful that we want to rush out and persuade many of our friends and relatives to join in this wonderful new adventure, probably because we believe some of them could benefit from the program more than we can. So some of us buy several ACA books to distribute to these people. This is called two-stepping: jumping right from Step One to Step Twelve, trying to give away what we don't even have yet.

But recovery requires patience. We find that as we work the Steps, practice the principles, and live the program, others will notice a positive change in us. They will be attracted by that change.

If their curiosity is piqued, they may ask about ACA. Then it's up to them to decide if they want to go to meetings and learn more.

On this day I will focus on my own recovery and respect that others have their own journey. If at some point our journeys merge, it will be a wonderful thing.

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