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Daily Affirmations - Strengthening My Recovery

March 28


"As adult children we have lived a life of isolation for too long. Recovery is about connection." BRB p. xxiv

We often hear in meetings that the program "works when you work it." And we do work hard at it. But sometimes we find ourselves, suddenly it seems, relapsing. We're worried about saying the wrong thing, not feeling connected with those around us, feeling overwhelmed, procrastinating, and wasting time on our escapes instead of doing something good for ourselves. When we realize what's going on, we may ask ourselves, "How can I pull myself out of this?"

But that question misses the point of how the program works. The better question is "Who can I reach out to?" We remind ourselves that we are no longer alone. Being compulsively self-reliant keeps us stuck in a place we no longer want to be.

In understanding that we have options, we learn that the simple act of picking up the phone or going to a meeting can make all the difference. It just takes a little trust. What have we got to lose? Perhaps just our feelings of worthlessness, self-pity, shame, and self-loathing that can seem to lurk just around the corner. And how good it feels to work through these feelings, one day at a time! We find that the program works. We now have enough evidence.

On this day I trust that the simple act of connecting with a fellow ACA is what the program is all about. It can keep me on a positive path with my Higher Power and my recovery.

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