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Daily Affirmations - Strengthening My Recovery

March 29

Workplace Recovery

 "We have a high tolerance for workplace dysfunction and tend to stick it out in an unhappy job because we lack the self-esteem to leave." BRB p. 419

Many of us were trained to be numb, so we were. We didn't speak up for ourselves at work or anywhere because it made us feel guilty. When we were abused, we stayed way past respectable limits. We were prone to being bullied. When put on the spot, we usually crumbled, even though we knew in our gut we were right. Underneath, we seethed with anger and resentment.

As we change and grow with the steps, sponsorship and meeting attendance, we take our recovery with us everywhere. We see direct results as we leave destructive self-abuse behind in our personal life and detach from those we are addicted to, oftentimes our parents. In our work life, it can seem as if a spell has been broken. People who used to push us around or take us for granted now begin to respond differently as we set healthy limits.

We are changing the rules, and it has a ripple effect. We are more than our jobs and now give ourselves the gift of free time to enjoy the things we like. This builds our character and self-esteem, one day at a time.

On this day I will begin to stand up for myself at work and elsewhere when I need to. I will gently say no to what is not right for me and celebrate my successes. I will ask for help to deal with anything negative I may get in return.

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