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Internet Meeting

  • “We can also participate in online meetings and telephone meetings. We make a commitment to find ACA ….”
  • There are a lot of websites, blogs and social media sites that focus on recovery, but the only registered ACA internet meetings are listed on this website. Among them you will find groups to join that provide a space for members to share about recovery topics and you will find chat rooms where people gather at an appointed time for a meeting and more.
  • Since there is no basket to pass, you can still donate by going here
  • To find the internet meetings go to this link
  • Once you find one you want to try, you can contact the meeting contact who will tell you where to go to attend.
  • While WSO is not affiliated with the websites where the meetings are held, WSO does recognize and support registered Internet meetings equally as any registered meeting. When a person registers a meeting, s/he submits the registration form and agrees to the following:“In submitting this form, I certify the following to be true:“our ACA meeting agrees to follow the ACA 12 Steps and 12 Traditions to the best of our ability. Our ACA meeting is not affiliated with any outside organization or established religion. I am authorized to act on behalf of this ACA meeting in submitting this form, and that all the information provided is correct to the best of my knowledge.”