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Phone Meeting

  • “We can also participate in online meetings and telephone meetings. We make a commitment to find ACA ….”
  • Click to here to see a list of Phone Meetings.
  • “This is the action and work that heals us: we use the Steps; we use the meetings; we use the telephone. We share our experience, strength, and hope with each other”
  • Phone meetings on this website are the only registered ACA telephone meetings. When you call the number you are on a conference line where many people can speak and listen. There is no cost for the conference line, but there will be regular costs through your phone carrier. WSO is not affiliated with outside enterprises such as the conference lines, Skype or phone applications. Your caller ID might appear for the ACA member to see who set up the number and “pin”. You are free to dial in using a blocked caller ID. You can also call in using VoIP, Skype or other phone applications. Anyone in the world can call into a meeting. There are meetings in English and Spanish (Nuevos Caminos). Each meeting has a number and a pin number (conference code).
  • Since there is no basket to pass, you can still donate by going here.
  • To find the telephone meetings go to this link 
  • While WSO is not affiliated with the conference lines where the meetings are held, WSO does recognize and support registered telephone meetings equally as any registered meeting. When a person registers a meeting, s/he submits the registration form and you’ll see at the bottom of that form that they agree to the following:“In submitting this form, I certify the following to be true:“our ACA meeting agrees to follow the ACA 12 Steps and 12 Traditions to the best of our ability. Our ACA meeting is not affiliated with any outside organization or established religion. I am authorized to act on behalf of this ACA meeting in submitting this form, and that all the information provided is correct to the best of my knowledge.”