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Treasurer Banking Trifold

The trifold for suggested Banking Procedures can be found on the FREE Translated Literature page. There is also one in every new meeting binder and Literature Set well as being included in the tri-fold assortment.

There's also information in the Guidelines for New Meetings and the Handbook portion of the BRB.

Since groups are autonomous and should set their own structure, WSO can only make strong recommendations to safeguard funds, summarized as follows:

  • The Treasurer should be well known by the group and attend regularly
  • The Treasurer should maintain written records available to others and give regular reports, at least monthly
  • Have a 2nd person in the meeting verify the contributions after each meeting and initial the written record
  • Avoid problems of potential theft by keeping only a prudent reserve set aside for 3 months rent and literature, and send the remaining funds to the Intergroup and WSO according to the 60/40 guideline
  • For groups with larger amounts of funds, a checking account is recommended that's not tied to a specific individual, if possible (check with local bank.) Groups may not use the non-profit status of WSO to do so.

Here's a reminder, if a person purchases trifolds, they can be copied and distributed over and over and over if it is for a registered meeting or outreach. It might be worth the investment.

Chapter 9 about Accountability and Chapter 19 on Tradition Seven is helpful too, here is a snippet from Chapter 9:

Accountability and responsibility go hand in hand. Reporting to the meeting demonstrates both and, at a minimum, a monthly report is recom­mended. Some meetings have encountered prob­lems. It is by group conscience the meeting establishes guidelines to financially protect itself.

It is a sound procedure, when selecting a trusted servant to assume the treasury responsibilities,that the person's full name, address and telephone number(s) be obtained and be in the possession of at least two other regular meeting members. It is advisable to make every effort to contact the trusted servant responsible for the treasury if they have not attended two consecutive meetings.Guidelines for the handling of meeting income when the Trea­surer is just unable to make a meeting ought to be established. Seventh Tradition funds are every member's responsibility.

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