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Ask anyone who has done service work at the regional or international level and you’ll hear how their lives and their appreciation of recovery have grown by leaps and bounds. For instance, attendees at the first ACA Annual Business Conference held outside of the United States remarked how hearts and souls were touched as the members of each of the represented countries recited the Serenity Prayer in their native language.  Such incredible power in our global family and outreach!

Besides membership growing in local groups, Intergroups are sprouting up all over the world!  As ACA continues this phenomenal growth, the World Service Organization (WSO) is looking for volunteers who’d like to share their interests and expertise.

Except for the volunteer opportunities at the Distribution Center, almost all work is done via e-mail and telephone.  We really need your help in the areas listed below.

ACA WSO Committees 

  • European Committee
  • Hospitals & Institutions (H&I)
  • Office
  • Member and Public Service
  • Literature
  • Public Information (PI)
  • Treasury
  • Website

Specialized Talents and Skills that we can use are:

  • CPAs/Accountants
  • Editors
  • Graphics and Layout Designers
  • Information Technicians (Programmers/Designers)
  • Lawyers (Employment/Intellectual Property)
  • Business Management

Please use the form on the service website to help us spread our message to ACAs around the world as we continue this exciting growth!  Thank you for ALL you do in ACA!

In service,

ACA WSO Board of Trustees

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