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I have spent most of my life drowning. Every time I came up for air there was a thumb pushing me under. If the thumb was taking a break, there was someone’s opinion, dragging me under. A constant battle of gasping for air. No break in the waves of trauma as far as the eye could see. The storms never stopped, they just kept coming.

Sometimes the storms were just rain showers, Other times they were like a category five hurricane, set to destroy everything in its path.

But I learned how to weather the storms and became seasoned in preparing for hurricanes. I evacuated when I saw the hurricanes. Always watching the forecast closely.

Even still, sometimes an unexpected storm hits when I least expect it. Good thing I have lots of tools and I have learned how to use them.

Weathering storms, cleaning up and fixing things after has become just part of life for me. I have gotten too strong for the thumb to push me under, and I have learned to swim in self-assurance.

Don’t give up! Just breathe and keep swimming.

Gretchen W

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