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Daily Affirmations - Strengthening My Recovery

February 28

Tradition Two

 "Our group conscience is a spiritual method by which a Higher Power is expressed in our discussions and our decisions. Most of our decisions are based on what is best for the most, instead of what is best for the few." BRB p. 501

Our families were not spiritually focused, and the decisions they made were rarely, if ever, reflective of a Higher Power's loving presence. We may not be much better in our personal decisions. We can be driven by our false selves that react to seemingly small provocations.

In ACA, we collectively learn to gather the wisdom and strength to be courageous about group decisions, taking the necessary measures to ensure safety while not stifling creativity. At the beginning of a group conscience or business meeting, we say the Serenity Prayer to invite a Higher Power into the process. We try to keep our individual egos out of it, sometimes feeling the need to repeat the Serenity Prayer as a way of staying Higher Power-centered.

As opinions are expressed, we may see the group making progress for the greater good while valuing each other's participation. If the group conscience process is working well, we may not even notice that we have become a group of actors rather that false self reactors. What a wonderful experience.

On this day I will remember that I am only part of a group's conscience. I will seek the greatest good for the group while trusting that our decision is an expression of our Higher Power's will and that we have the required spiritual strength to carry that out.

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