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Daily Affirmations - Strengthening My Recovery

June 11


"Adult children often live a secret life of fear." BRB p. 10

Every day individuals use faith to overcome fear. As polar opposites, fear and faith cannot occupy the same space. Fear involves a tightening of the senses whereas faith requires a complete release of them.

The ACA recovery program teaches us to identify and expose our fears to the light of day. We accomplish this with the loving support of others and our Higher Power. We do this in a safe environment where no one judges us for our past, for our fears, or for the ingrained reactions we carry from our childhoods.

Most of us go through life waiting to exhale, waiting to not feel defined by the position we hold, our possessions, or someone else's concept of who we should be. We have given our fear a lot of power to control our reactions. But we are exhausted by all this "work" and want to feel peace and serenity in our lives.

ACA gives us the chance to feel free to be the person we were meant to be, someone who is loved and respected for who we are, not what we do. As we strengthen our belief in our Higher Power, we free ourselves from our fears and stop believing our staunchest critic, our false self. We become our own loving, nurturing parent.

On this day I will be aware of any fear that encroaches on my ability to focus on recovery. With the loving support of my fellow ACAs and my Higher Power I will release that fear and feel at peace.

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