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Daily Affirmations - Strengthening My Recovery

September 13


"Service work is a key aspect of the ACA recovery program. Service is our way of giving back to ACA what was freely given to us by the fellowship." BRB p. 348

We were pressed into service as children. So giving service in ACA may mistakenly feel the same. But there is a critical distinction: our families did not allow us to choose to do service. However, in ACA we are asked if we wish to be of service.

The choice is ours. No guilt trips or manipulation. If we don't want to do service, the members will still accept and love us. It may be that service is not something we are willing to do for a while because we are still working on ourselves. "First things first" we say, and others support that decision.

ACA gives us the room and time to grow into the wonderful human being we were meant to be. Somewhere along the way, though, we may begin to understand that service is a form of thank you - of giving back.

We can give back by doing service at the group level, the intergroup level and the world level. We all do service at the individual level every time we attend a meeting and share.

On this day, if I have grown to the point where I have authentic love to give to my fellow ACAs, I will give service from that space of love.

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