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Daily Affirmations - Strengthening My Recovery

September 18


"Being in an ACA Twelve Step meeting was being in a place where without speaking I sat with others who genuinely knew me." BRB p. xviii

All we knew was that our lives weren't working. In the midst of the dysfunction we found the strength to reach out for help. It was suggested that our childhoods were still affecting us and that ACA might be a good idea. So we took a leap of faith and attended our first ACA meeting.

Almost immediately we felt a sense of comfort without really knowing what this group was all about. We began to hear what others were saying; it was as if they knew us without actually knowing us. We came to realize that we all had similar characteristics as a result of being brought up in dysfunctional madness. We knew we had arrived at a potential solution for so often feeling alone and different.

We found that this process of healing showed us how to grow from the inside out, and we knew we were on the right path. We found great comfort in the knowledge that the 12 Steps were leading us to spiritual recovery and growth. ACA was helping us find a way out of isolation, fear, and terminal uniqueness.

On this day I will remember the feeling of safety I find in my meetings. I know that I am no longer alone.

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