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Daily Affirmations - Strengthening My Recovery

November 18

Personal Higher Power

"…each ACA member is free to choose a Higher Power, who is available and personal to the individual. No one will make this decision for us." BRB p. 79

During our childhoods, some of us were severely abused, tortured if you will. Maybe we were drugged or forced into sexual roles that seem unthinkable to a civilized society. Perhaps we were even forced to hurt other children.

As adults, we tried to come to grips with how there could have been a loving Higher Power that let that happen to us as sweet, vulnerable children. As we remembered the intense feelings caused by such devastating treatment, we asked ourselves, "Where was God on that day?"

When we are truly seeking an answer, something that will allow us to make sense of our lives, we are ready for the ACA Solution. This is where we learn that we have the freedom to choose a loving Higher Power of our new understanding. This loving presence helps us discover how we can heal all of our wounds. As we seek our truth, these wounds, no matter how deep, are being transformed into strengths.

On this day I will continue to seek an awareness of a loving Higher Power that is larger than all of the dysfunction I have endured.

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