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Daily Affirmations - Strengthening My Recovery

November 19

Accepting Ourselves

 "As we sit and think about our shortcomings, we do not judge ourselves." BRB p. 215

As children, we often had to endure verbal attacks that, as adults, made us vulnerable to even the slightest criticism. Even in ACA, it was difficult for some of us to hear that we had "defects of character" because we interpreted that as being defective, which felt shaming. Because we knew these were our core issues and that the program could help us, we might have found other words that made us feel more comfortable, such as "character defenses," "Step One issues," "spirit blockers" or simply "shortcomings."

No matter what we call them, it is essential that we look at them in the proper light and accept them as a part of who we learned to be. We also become aware that they are the very things that come between us and our Higher Power. They affect how we feel about ourselves and how we relate to other people.

In becoming willing to work the Steps, we gradually come out of the isolation we've used to protect ourselves. And we begin to acknowledge our strengths, one of which is our ability to intuitively know that the tools of ACA are giving us a new and better life. We're learning balance.

On this day I choose to face my shortcomings without judging myself harshly. I accept all the parts of me.

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