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Daily Affirmations - Strengthening My Recovery

February 08


"We often lost our creativity, our flexibility, and our sense of humor." BRB p. 333

"I always keep my sense of humor tucked in my hip pocket - available at all times," the old man said. "Where do you keep yours?"

When we first walk into ACA meetings, the last thing in the world we think of is a sense of humor. There's just too much pain. In many dysfunctional families, what passed as humor was really a form of sarcasm. For some of us who were the mascot or clown in our family of origin, utilizing humor was second nature. But it was the role we played for survival.

Rediscovering our true sense of humor sometimes begins in ACA meetings. Many times laughter erupts when certain things are said. That laughter isn't meant to poke fun; it's recognition of a shared experience that unites us. Fellow travelers understand what we're talking about.

Opening up to our sense of humor allows recovery to thrive. We discover that laughter can be a wonderful tool in our tool bag. We can watch funny movies or internet snippets to encourage our belly laughter. It feels wonderful to make healthy humor part of the healing process.

On this day I will keep my heart open to the things that make me laugh. Laughter brings me joy and makes everything better. Life is good!

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