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Daily Affirmations - Strengthening My Recovery

April 01

Step Work

 "If we are diligent in working ACA's Twelve Steps, miracles occur that we could not imagine." BRB p. 156

As we began our Step work, we may still have found ourselves thinking about others much more than ourselves. We looked for places to plug in to get the excitement we were used to. We hit up the inner drugstore and binged on the fruits of our crime. It was fun…until it wasn't fun anymore.

As we have become more grounded in ACA, we are more relaxed in how we see things. We know we are not responsible for the world.

We have patience with ourselves, knowing that we won't do our recovery work perfectly. We lighten up on our perfectionist attitudes; we release the unrealistic goals that may have been set for us long ago, either by ourselves or others.

As we cruise through the Steps, trusting our fellow travelers and ourselves, we also experience our Higher Power's love unfolding in us one day at a time. We know we are not alone. This profound gift of recovery allows us to see the abuse that we tried to deny for so long. We value this process of self-discovery as we learn to reparent ourselves with the love and understanding we have always needed and deserved.

On this day I will acknowledge and appreciate my progress in each Step of this journey, whether I am on Step One or Step Twelve.

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