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Daily Affirmations - Strengthening My Recovery

April 03

Step Four

"Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves." BRB p. 150

When we do our Step Four inventory in the Yellow Workbook, we see that so many of our childhood experiences still seem like fresh wounds. Things that we may have talked about endlessly, even in therapy, take on new meaning when it all suddenly comes together. We notice patterns.

We begin to see a way out of the madness. We breathe a little deeper as the pain begins to subside. We trust in the process. We see that others who have gone through this seem lighter and have a flexibility we want. We trust their experience.

We notice that this inventory is going deeper than the Step work we may have done in other 12 Step programs. We are examining issues that we may have minimized before, especially surrounding our feelings.

We try to be as fearless as possible. Even though we try not to hold back, we also do not push our Inner Children to recount what they are not ready to see. We know we can do another Fourth Step for the next layer of the onion.

On this day I allow myself to be honest and thorough, welcoming the fact that I am always learning more about myself.

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