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Building Trust

by | Sep 1, 2022 | ACA Toolbox, ComLine

Loving Parent Tools & Techniques, pg. 146
(Part and Paraphrasing) The Loving Parent Guidebook
When we take action as our own loving parent, we deepen our commitment to reparenting ourselves and building trust within. With practice, it feels more natural to make time for our little ones, to tell them how much we love them and to show up for them. We remember what gave us joy and take time to play again.

Recently, I have had an urge to draw. I loved to draw when I was in elementary school. I remember having stickers of Snoopy and Woodstock and the rest of the Peanuts gang and I would draw pictures so I could add the stickers to it. I thought about taking a drawing class, to get myself in touch with my creative self again and let my kid color or draw but instead, this morning I gave myself permission to “just give it a try”. No Judgment.

Building Healthier Beliefs, pg. 147
After decades of hearing harsh or undermining messages, it’s important to come up with new, gentle, loving messages and affirmations. Affirmations help your inner children release critical parent messages, internalize truths, and discover their true identity. Affirmations help lay healthier tracks in the brain.
When you first say affirmations to your inner children, it can seem foreign, empty, awkward or hokey… LOL…

I have tried for years to “look in the mirror and say I love you”.. I wound up rolling my eyes saying yeah right. Awkward and hokey for sure!! This time around, I’m willing to go to any length to love myself back to health. I had to experiment to find the affirmations that work for me and with the help of the ones listed on pg. 148, I was able to ask myself what it is that I didn’t hear growing up that would have helped me along the way.

Reparenting Dialogues, pg. 149
Non-Dominant handwriting is a popular reparenting technique. It helps us bypass the logical part of the brain, helping us access our inner child’s feelings, intuition, spirituality, and creativity.

Today is a good day. I have been open and willing to be vulnerable and trust that if I show up for me, all good things will come. I was able to color, come up with affirmations and communicate with my little ones through the techniques listed on these pages.

Thank you ACA for my recovery today ~

May you feel safe and protected
May you feel seen and heard
May you find the courage to continue, always
May you heal as one, whole, complete and beautifully
May you feel loved and cherished
May your heart heal to love; truly love

My little one wrote back:
May I feel safe and protected
May I feel seen and heard
May I find the courage to continue, always
May I feel love and cherished
May we heal as one
Whole, complete and beautiful
May my heart heal to love
Truly Love

Thank you for spending time with me

Travel Well Beauty and know You are Loved

Michell B.C.

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