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Entering My Stone Circle

by | Jan 26, 2022 | ACA And The Arts, ComLine

A stone circle made by my ancestors
is my sacred church space
Fifteen boundary stones facing
the large central stone
Round and flat topped
Standing atop other stones
Buried in the ground

Next to each perimeter stone
Stands one of my Divine guides and aides
On the central stone sits my Higher Power
My Loving Parent.

I hesitate at the edge announcing my greetings
Acknowledging their divinity individually and collectively
it’s more comfortable walking the periphery
But the invitation always hails “Come to me Child”

My reluctance rears up then.
The old shameful and guilty voices hold me back.
It took me a long time to dismiss them.
Heed the Divine call and approach the centre,
climb onto their lap and sit there, in Love’s embrace.
Accepting my place as a child of God.

It took courage to tolerate their Divine attention
When every cell in my body squirms in discomfort
Wanting to hide and not be seen. Expecting rejection

Repetition has proven
That won’t happen here
Amongst my Divine family.
Those feelings pass and I recognise,
I belong here. Am always welcome and celebrated
Am invited to converse.

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