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Price Changes Considered For ACA Books

by | Mar 15, 2022 | ComLine, Fellowship News

Our fellowship text, Adult Children of Alcoholics, often referred to as the Big Red Book, was first published in 2006. Its price was $15 then, and it is still $15 today. WSO has never raised prices on any of its literature. The World Service Organization of ACA is considering increasing the price of the BRB, as well as some other printed literature, for the first time in 16 years. Why? As outlined by the Board in a February 12 teleconference, there are 3 important reasons:

1. The cost of printing has increased substantially, particularly during the pandemic. ACA currently cannot print in the U.S. because its paper supplier closed, which will increase shipping and storage costs. 

2. Inflation has risen to the point where a $15 book in 2006 would cost $21 today. 

3. Book sales make up more than 80% of the WSO budget. 7th tradition contributions are drastically lower in ACA than in other 12-step fellowships. For example, AA gets 45% of its annual budget from contributions. WSO cannot meet the needs of a growing worldwide fellowship without substantially cutting expenses unless it finds additional revenue.

No decision will be made without an opportunity for the fellowship to be heard. You can comment at the following link: http://acawso.org/book-price-survey/

At present, WSO is considering a price increase for printed books only. It does not anticipate its price for e-books to increase. And, as always, individual pricing decisions are made for literature sold abroad due to local economic conditions. Suggestions on how to increase 7th tradition contributions are also welcome.


Christine B.

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