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True Teacher

by | May 15, 2023 | ComLine, Voices of Recovery

(A short letter/poem to the one teacher who made a difference for me, who revealed my competence to me.)

Dear seventh-grade math teacher, 
you had no idea – 
the family violence endured 
by one of your students. 

I was a C/D student 
before your class. 
I was an A/B student 

My parents and others had told me 
that I was stupid and lazy. 
They had shattered my confidence 
and drained away my life energy. 

But you taught me 
as you taught others. 
You showed me my competence. 
You encouraged me. 

You challenged me 
and I rose to the challenge. 
I excelled in your class 
and in many others after yours. 

You opened doors for me – 
long before I needed those open doors. 
You gave me a direction – a path. 
You gave me opportunity. 

You were one spark of light 
in a dismal childhood. 
Your light guided me 
and gave me hope. 

Fifty-two years later, 
I remember you. 
Whatever has happened, 
this one thing cannot be taken away:

You have made a difference!

Healing Heart Warrior (Tom M)

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