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I might have prayed for…

Parents that cared
Parents that guided me, taught me
Parents that loved each other and modeled a loving relationship, intimacy
Parents that had boundaries, set boundaries, provided safety or at least tried
Parents that reasoned things out, talked things through, 
the little things of a little child honoring where I was developmentally, 
the bigger things of adults honoring each other too
Parents that were introspective and listened, really listened
Parents that modeled feelings and needs words, vital parts of life
Parents that encouraged mistakes, and knew learning came from making mistakes
Parents that honored and respected my little mind, body, and soul
Parents that were dependable
Parents that modeled power WITH
Parents that encouraged creativity, expression, inspiration
Parents that instilled in my little mind that I matter
Parents leaning strongly into modeling integrity, and treating others with dignity
Parents that encouraged privacy, allowed solitude
Parents that celebrated and cherished me
Parents that created an atmosphere of comfort and ease, and play and fun
Parents that modeled choices, autonomy, modeled the skill of being able to speak one’s mind
Parents that valued understanding, consideration, empathy, peace
Parents that allowed participation, belonging, celebration, connection, harmony, interdependence
Parents that created community, age-appropriate accomplishment within that community, 
teaching competence with support and recognition 
Parents that kept in mind protection and security… fairness, justice, keeping agreements, 
openness, order, safety, space, nurture
That allowed participation in a way that enriched life, served life. 
Parents that encouraged making friends, and had friends of their own…

Lena L

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