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It was love at first sight, even though I sprayed my drink in your face
Trying to suppress a guffaw at your antics.
Sure you were 15 years my elder, and an alcoholic to boot,
But that was good enough for me.

I went along for the ride as you steered your beat up Ford
To the middle of a cotton field, in the middle of the night.
Sure you intended to remove my underwear and fondle my breasts,
But that was good enough for me.

I jumped right in to care for your boys
Free babysitting, housecleaning, and sex on demand.
Sure you didn't want to make an honest woman out of me, like you did your ex,
But that was good enough for me.

I didn't stop at little league games or minivans
I also worked full time to put you through college.
Sure you stayed out late at the bar where you supposedly worked, and never had any money of your own,
But that was good enough for me.

Then one day someone asked me if I was happy
And I said no.
Sure you cried and begged me to stay,
But you were no longer good enough for me.

I left your ass 
For a long, winding road to recovery.
Sure that young girl you took advantage of was only 15,
But now she sees that you were NEVER good enough for me.

Melanie B

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