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Humility is teachability’,

an open mind to the truth.

It’s a word that, if practiced, 

you will discover you.

In my feeble hands, 

God placed the word humility.

He said, 

“This word will help guide and strengthening you.”

My daughter, 

I hope you will see

that character-building and humility 

is vital to your recovery.

Humility is not easy to obtain 

because of past experience, 

an emotional pain.

So, hold on and don't let go.

Humility, my daughter, will keep you afloat.

Humility comes back to speak to me.

This is the healing process 

of your recovery.

So, the days have turned into months, 

as well as years, 

and humility has helped me 

fight back the tears.

God and his infinite wisdom lets me know

by sending fellow travelers,

practicing humility

while we watch one another GROW.

Yvonne W

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