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A young woman in need of recovery, God sent me an angel named Mary. In the hospital where I lay, Mary spotted me across the way. Mary G. was not alone; there were two others who have now passed on. Mary G. began to speak; "God gives to one recovery by the power of humility." The healing process begins when you discover that he brought you in. Accepting the powerlessness of your disease will quickly restore you with ease.

Now there are some things that you must do to help the ones after you. There will be an inventory that will reveal the hard-core story. Only when you become awake, this inventory you will take With God and another human being, you will unload and began too dream.

There is something else you must do, as God continues to humble you. Those character defects and shortcomings you see, they are not pleasing to thee. He will remove them if you ask, and they will become characters of the past.

There is something else you must do; make a list of all the people that you harm, don't forget the ones you con. This will make you feel so much better, closing the book on the past and starting a new ledger.

There is something else you must do; that is to keep a close watch on you. You will not do this perfectly, but it's a must to watch your inventory. Resentment, self-pity, envy, or greed, they are no longer luxuries.

There is something else you must do. Sought through prayer and meditation, too! you will be able to do this with ease; God has given me a daily reprieve.

There is something else that you must do. Carry this message and you will see, how it will bless others through your recovery.

Yvonne W. 

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