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Lace curtains, bountiful philodendron, satin table cloth, pepper grinder from Germany, salad served in a crystal stand.

Pretense for a tiny townhouse, linoleum floors, rattan sofa, cheap water glasses, washer and dryer in the kitchen.

The framing of the shot hides the truth well, yet my face is a betrayal, skeptical, a window to reality.

The one smiling face, my younger sister grinning at the photographer, the only biological father in the metaphorical picture hers.

Fake, "say cheese" slightly upturned mouths, co-conspirators in the holiday charade, pretending to be thankful for a feast we could not afford.

Brother, mother, playing their part in a broken family reunion.

Cheers. For today we'll forget the fighting and the fists and the empty place at the head of our round table.

Happy Thanksgiving to our dysfunctional family. Let's toast to pretense!

Melanie B

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