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Here’s an exercise that unifies all the Steps from Step One through Step Seven. It takes just a few minutes to sum up the gradual progress we have made, spiritually, in recovery. Check how it feels, in the centered place where our ribs come together to form a triangle, as a gauge, to assess this active imagination exercise!

Start with the worst thing—the biggest fear, the thing I hate, fear, dread. Imagine, for just a moment, that I am entirely powerless, completely in the grip of what I dread and hate. There’s nothing I can do. No way out. It’s over. I give up.

What happens next?

I cease to struggle.

I admit there is no exit.

I am still here.

I take a breath and look around.

Something is keeping me alive.

Something is cradling me,

Holding me. Protecting me.

I squirm around to see, “What is this ‘something’ that is keeping me alive and safe, right now?”

I visualize a loving image that protects me, rescues me, directs my choices, and I take a moment to feel gratitude and thank this ‘something’ that is not powerless. I relax. 

Kathleen S.

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