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Green Florals and Brown Spots

by | May 15, 2023 | ComLine, Voices of Recovery

I remember a green floral sofa and a blurry brown spotted carpet.
I confuse them as being together at the same time and place, but it’s not the case; pictures tell me so.
One was in our first home and apartment. The other was in our one and only house. Yet they are meshed in my memory as one, a combo.

And so are my memories…
I remember what I want and disregard the rest. I remember my stories, my way, and that works!
Denial, blind spots and shut-downs, shutoffs are just part of me now. Will I ever be fully present? Should I be fully present? A voice inside responds, “I’m afraid”.

I hear you! Thank you for speaking out, love.
I love you just as you are.
We will figure this out together.

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