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Spiritual Experience

by | Sep 15, 2022 | ComLine, Voices of Recovery

The baby donkey brayed and kicked up its heels in the deep lush grass. Her mom quietly watched, clearly, but slyly, on guard for any dangers that could arise. She was seemingly unfazed by the rambunctious youngster. The dad munched contentedly in the open field surrounded by fluffy white clouds and warm comforting sunshine. Happily, the baby donkey assured herself by checking in with mom, then dad, sometimes backing into them and bounding away with a kick in the air. The kick was overlooked by her parents unless she caused harm. Then she was firmly, but gently, reminded not to hurt others. 

Looking on, the three women were rejoicing in this long-awaited reunion that had been scheduled and rescheduled. They walked on with the donkeys, feeling a deep bond for each other. They shared the beauty of the day, the tranquil bucolic Vermont hillside, and the silent support for one another. One woman decided to be brave enough to share her current unmanageable life. The other two burst into tears hearing the details and pain of self-sabotage. Their unabashed caring and understanding gave me strength and courage as I wandered through the green fields of life, feeling unconditional love that I’d known few times in my life.

Julie N

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